Monday 26 January 2009

Werd weekend

It's been a wierd weekend. Tamile and I are used to having at least a couple of different things planned for the course of the weekend. Then squeezing in the various bits of house work that need to be done. While the weekend started out much the same as any other, things ended up changing it quick with various things getting canceled or missed.

We started things off this weekend with a friday night Rockband party. Having a couple of friends over who we hadn't seen since the summer. It was nice to have the two of them over and we had a good time and got a lot of songs done on the game as well. I also got a call that night letting me know my mom was back in the hospitial. Apparently she had a couple of blood clots in her lungs and was having trouble breathing the night before. So her sister had again taken her to the emergancy room at St.Boniface.

Saturday included a visit to my mom in hospital. Oh for any of you who know my cell phone number she has my phone at the moment so don't use it to get ahold of me. We also visited the Health and Wellness Expo at the convention centre. It was a nice little show with lots of great information. I also got to try out something called the Chi-Machine. If you haven't tried it you really should it was an interesting experience. I think that Tamile got more our of it then I did, I was to worried that my feet would get tossed out of the wiggling part. Plans for the evening ended up canceled. So it turned in to a pretty relaxing evening and we got a fair amount done.

Sunday's ended up being much like Saturday night. Our plans got cancelled so we spent the day getting stuff done around the house. It was strange to not have a lot of things planned over the course of the weekend.

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