Thursday 29 January 2009

Quiet so very quiet

Sorry I've been quiet these past couple of weeks. As you may remember from an earlier update my mom was in the hospital to have her Gall Bladder removed. They let her out three days later. Two days after that they readmitted her. She was at home and was having trouble breathing. Apparently her legs had swallow and had cast off blood clots which made their way in to her lungs. She spent the next five days back in the hospital and has only been released as of yesterday. So my free time has been spent writing,working and visiting my mom.

The good news is she is home and doing really well. They have arranged for home nurse to stop by on a daily basis to give her the injection she needs. All in all it is a good situation for her to be in, since she hates hospitals as much as I do.

You may have noticed a couple of updates on the blog as well, I've added a twitter that shows some of the comments and tweets from people I follow. I'd love to know how people feel about that and if it is working alright for you. I do also have a number of Wordless Wednesdays scheduled to pop out each Wednesday so you will continue to get to enjoy those. I even updated the books am reading list.

Finally I've gotten an exciting new project in the works that I am only going to hint at right now. I want to make sure it is all up and working before opening it to the public to read.

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