Monday 5 January 2009

Paganism in Main Stream Media

I love to find paganism related things in the main stream media. It might be a passing refererence in a television show, maybe a comment about witches on the radio or in the newspapers, anything at all like that. From time to time I do stumble across some real gems.

This one I found today at work while I was reading through a magazine that my wife Tamile has gotten me hooked on called 'Real Simple' which is basically about making your life easier. I like it for the organization articles. Yes I really do get the magazine for the articles.

When I saw this ad I knew at once that it had to be scanned and shared with the world of Pagan Bloggers. So here it is at long lost the missing Tarot card that has been hidden from Tarot readers for generations 'The Protector' I wonder just what it would mean if it comes up in a spread.

Well I hope you enjoyed the first of what I hope will be many installments of Paganism in the main stream culture.

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