Tuesday 2 December 2008

Canadian Politics

For the first time in a very long time Canadian Politics has gotten interesting. Even during our last election only a couple of months ago the topic was dry and boring. Nothing had changed, it was all the same old stuff we had been listening to for months. Now that has changed with this new Coalition.

My problem is that I just can not decide how I feel about it. The biggest two arguements against is that the Torries did get elected as a minority govenment. Which by there reasoning means more people voted for them. The other big beef about it is that they are putting power in to the hands of the Bloc.

To the first arguement here is my rebuttal, they got a minority government meaning that the majority of people who voted voted for the other parties. Which effectively means that the other parties has a coalition got more votes. Granted they didn't run as a coalition government. I would also argue that you can't really consider the last election to be representative of the will of the people. The Voter turn out was less than 60% which to me shows a complete apathy towards what the government was doing. We so need to change the electorial system and make it maniditory to vote. You don't vote you don't get a tax return!

To the second arguement about putting power in to the hands of the Bloc I would just point out that in order to form any type of opposition a part has to work with the Bloc. It is the way our electorial system is set up. There is a massive power base in Quebec and Ontario which is hardly representative of the will of the people. In fact elections are often called and determined well before some areas have even finished voting.

In the end no matter what happens it will be interesting, and hopefully breath some life in to the bloated corpse that is Canadian Politics.

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