Tuesday 12 August 2008

A good reason?

So as part of my job I hear a lot of different reasons why people want to cancel their services (TV, Internet and phone) Today I think I heard the best possible reason.

Customer: "I'm a good christian and I have to cancel my TV service it's to much of a temptation."
Rep: "Am sorry temptation?"
Customer: "Yeah temptation, I've already had to cancel my internet because of all the porn."
Rep: "Oh you mean the Adult pay per view shows?"
Customer: "Yeah as a good Christian I find them to be to much of a temptation and have to cancel my TV Service."
Rep: "You know Sir I can set it up so that you wouldn't be able to access them without a password or without calling us to order them."
Customer: "No I better just cancel it all."

I got to sit there listening to this exchange or at least one side of it. I couldn't believe my ears. After the call we did check his records and he had resisted the temptation so far and had canceled his internet giving the same reason.

1 comment:

James said...

Yeah, that's a little radical. He must have attended a Promise Keepers conference.

As always, defending the faith... not the weirdos.

- james.