Tuesday 27 May 2008

Life Update

It's been almost a week since I've sat down and typed anything here and I wanted to take a moment and remind readers that I haven't forgotten about them. Life's just been a bit busier then normal and we have been rearranging a lot around the house as well so that's been taking up a bunch of time. So basically the plan through this post is to offer a quick updates on a number of different areas in my life and things I have discussed in the past. If you want more details on something or are curious about something just comment and I'll try and share more details with you.

Until today I haven't even looked at my writing / proofing stuff. I brought it with me to work and my plan is to continue to work on it once I've finished this blog entry. My hope is that now that we have a new working space in the house that it will lend itself well to the creative process and I'll be able to spend a lot of time in there working. Only time will tell I guess and my own drive.

One of the things I did at Keycon with my wife Tamile was start working on a new podcast concept. In fact the first episode of it will be out later this week, I'll be posting a link once it is ready. The basic concept is a fannish podcast with things like interviews with guests, discussing the current trends in Books, Movies, Television, Gaming (both Board and Console) Pretty much anything that you might come across at a convention will be covered in time during the Podcast. I'll post a link as soon as it is up and ready.

A couple of other things to go along with the this. Podcasting is a lot of fun but if you are going to do it spend a bit of money and pick up some decent equipment. Our first episode of SmofCast was done with a Lap top and a Lapel Microphone and in many places you can really tell. Since then we have spent a bit of money and picked up some equipment and it all sounds so much better now. Also we are working on a second podcast concept but that one can stay a secret until it's closer to being ready.

I had a great time at the convention, sorry I didn't get more posts in about the weekend over the course of the convention. It's hard to find the time to take the time to write when your have a good time.

This has been tough for me this past week, I barely got out to the Gym at all over Keycon weekend and the week after that I was just to tied to even think about going. I kept with my regular eating habits and have been fairly good about keeping up those habits. Although I did have a Rum and coke over the course of the weekend and drank a fair amount of booze. In the end it is still a goal and still an important part of my life so the good habits will continue and so will the weight loss. I just hope I haven't gained to much during this down time.

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