Tuesday 1 January 2008

Randilin’s Resolutions for 2008

I hope everyone had a great and memorable New Years Eve. I spent it with a bunch of friends at a Potluck sing-a-long. While am not much for public singing the evening was fun and the company was great.

So one of the things that I worked on yesterday was Resolutions for 2008. I thought about what may resolutions already where in the broadest of senses Healthier living, Writing, Spirituality, Quality of Life. From there I narrow it down to some set tasks and points within those categories. Yes even in resolutions I'm organized, So without further delay here's Randilin's Resolutions for 2008

Healthier Living:

  • I will eat healthier food and snacks.

  • I will cut down on my daily food intake.

  • I will stop eating when I feel full and not force myself to finish what is there.

  • I will drink a minimum of 8 cup of water a day.

  • I will exercise daily.


  • I will finish the book, and not be afraid to work on more than one at once.

  • I will always be brain storming ideas and taking notes on story ideas for later.

  • I will join a critique group. If I can't find one I'll start it.

  • I will finish every story I start.

  • I will listen to criticism.

  • I will quit procrastinating in the form of research, outlines, synopses, taking classes, reading how to books and write something.

  • I will refuse to get discouraged or let myself get discouraged.

  • While still working on my original story :

    • I will read through and follow the suggestions from the book "First draft in 30 days" on the story "The man with the voice".

    • I will take a English at the local continuing education centre focused on grammar.


  • I will take the time to mediate daily.

  • I will take the time to be with nature and connect with it.

  • I will take the time to observe the Moon phases (at least one with ritual) and celebrate the changes of the seasons.

  • I will continue to do what I can for the environment and encourage others to do the same.

  • I will continue to be active on my spiritual communities e-mail lists with the Question of the Week, and just general discussions.

Quality of Life:

  • I will take the time to do something with just my wife and I at least once a month. In spite of both of our busy schedules.

  • I will continue with the daily task list that my wife and I have started using.

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