Wednesday 1 July 2015

Its a whole new world!

The subject should be sung like it was a lyric from Aladdin.  I don't know if it should be sung so cheerfully but overall it seems true.  Since my last post on June 2nd everything has changed and tomorrow it will begin to change even more.  There are a lot of different ways I could post this and I really don't know how to do it.  Some I'm just going to throw it all out there and move on.  I think I want to share it more as a personal record of everything that has happened.

  • There was a massive fight between tamile and naviara, a lot of things were said and not said.  At the end of the fight tamile informed me that she was with drawn her submission to me.  There were a lot of other things said that night, none that I will share or repeat and some that I wish I could forget.  After that things seemed to return to some type of new normal.
  • A few days  later something happened with naviara, out of respect for her I won't go in to details.  I will say it was not the first time it had happened, in the end for the health those involved it had to be the last time it happened with us.  I choose to the end my 5 year relationship with naviara.  
  • And we have started to foster a dog on top of both of those.
So basically everything I've been working on for the last five years feels like it is gone. I have some hope that tamile will agree to submission again, but I honestly have no clue if she will. Apparently she plans to continue to bottom with me but who knows if that will happen.  Publicly she plans to be submissive but I have no clue how that will play out either.

Anyways that was my last month, I've made it pretty clear that I intend to continue in the lifestyle.  I don't know how it will play out or what it will look like, honestly I wish I did it would make the world a lot easier.  Who the hell wants an easy life anyways?  A part from that things are pretty solid between tamile and I.

Before I end this post let me comment on breaking up.  It sucks, but I believe it is the right thing sand for the best, I have no doubt about that.  Even with that being said it doesn't make it easy.  I've never been through a break up with someone who I had been with for so long.  So many of our things and belongings are intermingled and will need to be sorted out.  Not to mention all the emotions that go along with it as we sort things out.  It will be a timely process, one that will likely be made worse by what I have coming in the next couple of weeks, the boost diet.

Anyways it is nearly midnight and I need to think about sleep.

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