Sunday 5 July 2015

3 days in to Boost and a weekend update.

It has been three days since I've started the boost diet.  For those of you who don't know what that is my only source of food is Boost Diabetic. I'm allowed to drink 5 bottles of boost each and every day.  Oddly enough it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.  The biggest challenge has been making it through all five.  I've found by the 5th on at the end of the day I just want to skip it.

The trick I'm finding is not to cheat.  It hasn't been easy and I haven't been perfect either.  I have cheated a couple of times; I licked a Pringle chip and oh my gawd was it freaking good.  I've also had a couple of pieces of lamb that was had for dinner this evening.  I'm interested to see how it all plays out when I get on the scale on Monday. 

This weekend alex and I were able to make it down to Pelican Rapids to visit Sam, Terri, and their family.  Visiting these people does wonders for my relationship with Alex, and it does world of good for me.

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