Tuesday 2 June 2015

Post Doctors Appointment By-Pass Update

So I've had my doctors appointment and I also now have a date for surgery, July 23rd. Right smack in the middle of the summer.  All in all I don't overly mind the date.  It does certainly throw a wrench in to a few of our summer plans.  But almost anything we do over the summer throws a wrench in to one summer plan or another.

One thing that was really interesting about the appointment is that the doctor never really asked which surgery I wanted.  Which had been a topic of discussion between myself and tamile for several months.  He just looked over my file, and started talking about the gastric by-pass

So here is the basic run down of things at this point as I understand them.

  • July 2nd: I stopping eating real food.  For the next 3 weeks I will be drinking 5 bottles of Boost Diabetic in order to shrink my liver so that the surgery can be performed safely.
    • I've been told that during this time I will likely be fairly Hangry ( A cross between hunger and angry)
  • July 23rd I have to be at the hospital for 6:30am.  For those of you who didn't know such a time existed it is in the AM.  Apparently normally you are in the hospital overnight
  • Afterwards it is all about learning to eat again.  The first week I will be limited to liquid foods, which I will basically spend the whole day sipping at.  
  • Then once I can stomach that it is time for foods that have gone through a bullet blender
  • Then soft foods that haven't been blended and so.  
I've been told I could be off work anywhere from 1 to 2 months. I'm excited by this opportunity and honestly a little scared by it. I've been fat as long as I can remember and this strikes me as the best way to make a life style change that will last.  Right now the plan is to take a post a picture from Canada day, another 1 the day before surgery and regular photo updates after that.

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Diana said...

I am glad this is happening for You... it takes a lot of patience, desire, motivation, determination and courage.

You have put in a lot of work to get to this point - I am so proud of You, and happy that You are getting something You need and want.

The time will fly by faster than You think :)