Sunday 1 March 2015

Time and Space

After a great day with some dear friends I threw on Dr. Who Adventures in Space and Time.  I'd never seen it before and had heard some wonderful things about so I figured it was time.  Also American Netflix wasn't available.

I am really glad that I watched it.  In case you don't know it is a docudrama about the origins of the Dr Who television show.  It is strange how many happy memories I have watching that show.  Growing up friday night my mom and I would make popcorn together and then both watch it on pbs transfixed by the television.  I remember both of us just hating the times when they would do their pledge drives,  I would be so tired by the end of the night that more then once I'm sure I fell asleep on the couch watching.  

Years later when the reboot happened, not really a reboot more of a continuation.  Tamile and I would watch the shows when they aired and talk about them.  We were both excited to see a classic show come back to the air.  Even the spin offs have been enjoyable.  

Most recently I've started trying to get caught up on the doctor and watched it with naivara who didn't have the history with the show that i did so we started from the beginning of the continuation and have been watching it together.  I think she's come to enjoy it as well.

Anyways it's late and I need to sleep but I just wanted to say that I heart heart the Doctor!

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