Monday 10 August 2009

Question of the Week - Question # 4

Good morning one and all. Welcome to the forth installment of the Questions of the Week. Hopefully people are finding some interest in the and we will starting seeing some mores answers in the coming weeks. These are wonderful blogging promts for those who need or like them. Also commenting that you've answered will drive more traffic to you blog. People are looking at the questions so they will likely take the time to check out your answers. Most importantly they can help you to understand more about yourself and the reasons you do things the way you do.

For this weeks question I want to look the internet it has become one of the main sources of information for pagans the world over. New websites and groups are popping up every day. Which ones are worth the time? What makes one site better then another in your opinion?

I look forward to visiting a variety of blogs and seeing what sites people like.

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