Wednesday 12 August 2009

Plurk vs Twitter

I've been promoting the advantages of Plurk over Twitter for a while now both her on Between the Ticks and also on our Podcast The Magical Earth. I'm starting to wonder if I have been misleading people? Plurk has been talking about the possibility of posting directly from cell phone via text messaging for a while now. "We are working on it." they would say. How long does it take?

Luckly in my case I have a phone that gives me regular internet access at no extra charge. The problem with that of course is that I have to log in and wait for everything to load and so on. It takes forever, or at least it feels that way to someone who is used to instant access. So I'm going to be freezing my Karma on plurk and switching things over to plurk more regularly. Honestly I'm not to sure this will make all that much of a difference. The majority of the people I've friended on plurk are from a game I took part in for a little while and I highly doubt many of them read my blog or listen to the Magical Earth.

Promoting Plurk has felt a bit like being an ant trying to push a over a person. Lets face the realites while Plurk does offer an interface that allows uses who want to be more interactive. Twitter is where everyone is at, and they make it really easy to post, when they are not being hacked, While plurk is mainly an online interface. So watch for a change in microblogging widgets soon..

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