Sunday 2 August 2009

Question of the Week #3 - Lammas

Blessed Lammas everyone. I hope that everyone spent the day with friends, family and loved ones harvesting what they need for the coming year.

In agrocultural societies this is the time of year when harvesting really starts in earnest. It is more then that as well the smart farmers are already planning ahead for next year thinking about what they will be plant and what they need to do in advance to prepare the fields. That idea of forethought and planning is where we are going with this week's question.

Take sometime and write out where you want to be at this point in time next year and what you need to do in order to get there. In the end you will have a bit of a road map to your own success. Then when next year comes around you can look back and see how close you came or how far beyond you went.

I've also already set up a scheduled post with a link back to this one so be sure to comment here and leave a direct link to your answer. That way you have a quick path back when it is time back.

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