Friday 31 July 2009

Blogging Highs and Blogging Lows

The Highs

So I logged on to my blog this morning intent on writing up a new post for today and also writing the third Question of the Week to be posted to the blog. As I scrolled down I got really excited when I noticed that 9 of the 10 visiters listed on the site where all from the same place. Nine visits all from a place called Weston Creek, Australian Captial Region. I'd never heard of it before but whoever this person was had gone back and forth to various sites on the Pagan Bloggers Network.

A quick bit of research on Wikipedia the source of all knowledge great and useless tells me that it is a fairly small town. Population of 3,176 as of the 2006 Census Night. You can check it out here

I found it pretty amazing to see someone just going back and forth using the Pagan Bloggers Network the way I had hoped that it would be used. #:o) So to whomever you are in Weston Creek thank you. If you are reading this feel free to comment I love to hear from you.

The Lows

After seeing the Weston Creek I scrolled to the top to log in and what do I see in my top banner ad slot but a fully animated ad for I was so not impressed by this. The ad itself was nice it had a good flow to and the animation looked great, but I don't want that on my blog. Ick Scientology ECK! It is a religion made on a freaking bet! Now to figure out how to stop it.


WingsofWax said...

Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to stop that kind of thing from happening. Google's aggregation is so strong and specific that it relates words in bizarre ways - I actually got in trouble at work a few months ago for having ads for my company on my own website (because that's conflict of interest? Somehow?) but it was a Google ad. I NEVER mention where I work by term, but because I had been mentioning electronics and products we sell, it happened. There are only so many synonyms for "non-Abramic intention based formulaic initiatory spiritual path" and to our great woe, Scientology fits this qualifier.

Randilin said...

Someone from Biloxi, Mississippi just did the same thing.