Tuesday 7 July 2009

Writing update

So I thought a bit of a writing update was in order. As always I have a number of different projects on the go at the same time. I'll list each of them, and offer up at least a little bit of information about the story as well, including what stage of development it is in.

Questions of Faith - A spiritual development book that takes the reader through a series of probing questions that will help them to develop a deeper connection with their own pagan faith. The rough draft is completed and I am currently working my way through the first run through of editing. This is my main editing project and at some point down the road will be looking for pagan beta - readers.

Carpe Arcanum - An only webnovel that was born 2 years ago as part of my first successful NANOWrimo. I'm editing and posting the story in regular 750 word chunks to feel free to visit the site and read along with everyone. Comments on the site and the story are always welcome and rewarded. If you know about web site development and are interested in helping out please e-mail me at

Short Story Series - Currently I am working on a series of short stories focusing on starship disaster.

Risen Steam - A steam punk story currently being outlined. It will likely end up as my 2009 NANOWrimo project.

God's Return - Currently being outlined. The story of God's return to earth and his arrival in small town America.

Well that's my write projects as they stand now. Other projects and articles are always creeping in and bubbling to the surface.

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