Sunday 5 July 2009

Book Review - Patient Zero

I don't normally do book reviews because the reality is that more often than not by the time I read a book it has been out for a lot of years and a review seems pretty pointless. That however all changed last Sunday when I stumbled across Patient Zero By Jonathon Maberry.

Patient Zero offers a brillant spin on the traditional zombie story. Zombies are not some plague that just shows up, there is nothing mystical about these 'Walkers'. Walkers being the polite term used to describe the zombies, by the anti terrorist organization that has discouvered their threat. It causes a little less panic you see.

The book is a cross between your traditional zombie story and a Tom Clauncy book. The many character Joe Ledgeris a Baltimore Police office who ends up assigned to a Homeland security Joint task force. It is on a raid with them that he kills Patient Zero for the first time and also comes to the attention of the DMS or the Department of Military Sciences.

It is an action packed book filled with mystry, some double crosses that will leave you guessing and a few that won't. The fights are realistic and fun to read. The characters are fairly well round and some of them have a really interesting back story. Mr Church in particular is my favorite character, They say very little about his story until the last couple of pages. I really hope that in the follow up books, which as scheduled to be released in 2010 and 2011 that we learn more about him.

To put it simple if you like a good Spy thriller then read this book. If you like a good zombie story then read this book. If you are looking for a fun enjoyable read, you guess it, Read this book.

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