Tuesday 3 March 2009

A quick update

I'm a little torn about today. It was originally supposed to be a day of massive writing and editing, an attempt to see just how much I could get done if it were my single focus of the day. The problem is of focus that the plan was shot to shit yesterday when I went to work and they increased the hours in my department. Now don't get me wrong the extra hours are great and now complaints about the extra money either. However I was looking forward to the writing. At this point I'm just going to have to do it on Friday assuming stuff doesn't come up to prevent that too.

I realized as I typed the above that I haven't talked much about my daughter as of late. Things are going a little bit better at the moment and my fingers are crossed that it will stay that way. She found herself a job and a tough one at that. It is a position at before and after school program. That means she has to be one a bus no later then about 6 to start at 645 every weekday morning. Then comes home and is back at work for 3 o'clock. So the hours certainly diffcult. All in all she seems to be holding up to it pretty good.

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