Friday 27 February 2009

A couple of updates

I thought since I was home with a nasty case of the stomach flu. I would take the time to do a bit of a life update. My writing continues at a good pace. I'm doing the monthly Digital Pagan column, that looks at websites and web trends of interest to the pagan community. I'm writing regular articles for The Point, which is our local community newsletter for North Point Douglas. The big project is still Carpe Arcanum, the serialization and complete rewrite of my NANO 2007 novel. Feel free to stop by the site and say hi, or enjoy the story. The first post will be going up on Monday March 2nd/2009. The finally I'm trying to get editing done on Question of Faith. The last one is a slow going project that I'm struggling to get through. As things stand I've come to the conculsion editing isn't my friend. Although am excited to say that I am signing up for a writing course through Red River Community College.

In other exciting semi related writing news I've my laptop up and running. Basically it needed a whole new keyboard.

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