Wednesday 25 February 2009

An odd experience

So the strangest thing happened this morning, and now am kind of floating because of it. I got a friend request last night on Facebook from someone I didn't know or recognize. In itself not all that strange. Being a host on the Magical Earth and active in a few different groups has come to mean so odd friend requests. I tend to just accept them and move on, there isn't anything in my profile I don't care if people see.

With the one this morning I accepted it and fired them of a quick message saying Good morning to a new friend or something along those lines. Then I got a message back saying that she had found me through the column I write on the Pagan Activist. It is great to hear back from someone you don't know about something you write...

1 comment:

Edain said...

Thats great news hun! I guess you had better keep up the good work ! ;)