Wednesday 4 February 2009


We had a great discussion last night during our book study group. It started off with a couple of people talking about having seen Starhawk speak back in the 1990s and how they only had to pay 25 dollars for it. Now a days she holds 10k workshops on how to be an eco warrior. I've checked the site to try and confirm the price tag of the course here is what it has to say on cost.

Sliding scale tuition varies for every course.

This is the part that makes me believe the 10k rate

Loans for tuition are available at favorable rates from the Permaculture
Credit Union. Details are on the loans

From there we started talking about current authors and the question was asked what author currently alive would you pay $100 so that you could attend a 2 hour lecture. The room feel deathly silent. There were a few names batted about. Some of course were dead others while spiritual were not pagan. By the end of the night most of us still really didn't know who if anyone we would pick.

When I got home and checked out my own bookshelf to try and gain some insight. I learned we have a lot of Scott Cunningham despite the fact we may not agree with all he brought to Wicca. After him it was a lot of one off books. Some I might have enjoyed but none that leapt out as someone I had to read. As an interestign aside I checked hoping that someone listed in their Wicca section might cause a name to leap to mind. Scott Cunningham filled 3 of the 12 slots on the first page.

So here is my initial short list

  • Oberon Zell
  • Raymond Buckland
  • Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar

All of them have been long time pagans and think that there experiences in the craft would make for a really interesting discussion. Which pagan author would you pay a $100 to listen too?


WingsofWax said...

There's something about hearing someone speak that you just can;t get from reading a book. Their feeling, excitement - the emotion they put into what they do. For that reason ALONE, and if I could be convinced it wouldn't be encouraging her slap-dash approach to formulaic Wicca, I'd almost - reiterate almost - be willing to pay $100 to see Silver Raven Wolf. Maybe, live, she'd make sense.

This said, the above scenario is almost as ludacrous to me as paying ten thousand dollars to see anyone. Granted, I have no idea how intensive those workshops are, nor how long they run. Still. College degrees cost less.

Also. Isaac Bonewits always interested me, with his studies about the differences between religions and cults. I'm a hundred dollars interested in that.

Randilin said...

I might consider for Silver Raven Wolf as well. Mostly out of amusement factor.