Thursday 5 February 2009

A post movie experience

So as those of you who stalk me on twitter already know I went and saw the movie Push last night. It is a good action flick, with a decent story and good special effects. I would certainly recommend it to anyone as a movie to see during this pop corn eating season.

what I want to talk about happened after the movie as people where exiting the theater. We had gotten our normal spot in the front row of the upper section. It gives me a lot of woman so am able to stretch out my legs and still gives us a good middle view of the screen. The movie was over and we were standing against our seats talking for a minute while we waited for the rest of the crowd to thin out. One of the people I was with walks with a cane and less people make it easier to get around.

As we are talking I hear something hit the ground behind and thought I felt something nudge my foot. Turning I check out the ground behind and see someone empty new york fry container and really don't give it a second thought. A minute or two later as the crowd continues to thin out I someone coming up behind me saying to the people he is walking with;

"Should I say something to him?"

As this person passes by me he tells me that there is ketchup on the back of my pant cuff. I look back and sure enough there was the empty ketchup cup and a splattering of ketchup on the back of my leg. I thanked him and the guy was gone.

The ketchup was easy to remove and not a big deal crap like that can happen anywhere. I'm also thankful that the man did take the time to say something. The part that I guess has me kind of disappointed with the human race as a whole is the fact he even had to ask. "Should I say something?" why did he even have to ask this question? Wouldn't you want someone to tell you if you have ketchup on your pant leg? Did he think I might get made at him and think he did it or something along those lines. Has the world gotten so scared of the possibility of blame that we are not willing to do what is right for another human.

This whole thing brought to mind the Wiccan Rule of Three / Threefold law. I honestly don't believe to much in it as a particle force in the universe. I do both good and bad things in my daily life, I know that it doesn't come back to me three times over in either case. It does however make an interesting ethical check in point. If I do this or say that would I want the same thing done or said to me three times over?

Some of these thoughts might be coming from the time I've spent reading Living Biblically for a Year but the idea is still valid. As well as my own interest in the idea of Wiccan Ethics and Values and the question of is there really such a thing? I don't have any hard and fast answer for any of the ideas I've put forward today. I do know I will be exploring them in a lot more depth as a part of my own spiritual journey and will be writing about them along the way.

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