Sunday 7 December 2008

Laptop woes...

So December 1st, the day after NANOwrimo I was sitting at my desk slaving away on the laptop and trying to get a few more questions in on the project. I had a glass of grape juice much to close to the laptop which I tapped ever so gentle. Which caused about a spoonful to leap out of the cup in to the keyboard. Grabbing paper tools I dried it as quick as I could and as much as I could. I also blasted the area with canned air to try and blow any liquid out. Then put it away to let it dry. Before doing that I tested all the keys and they worked.

Tonight I started it up and it seemed to be fine until I tried the space bar and got nothing.. I ran through all the keys again, the ; and the ' and spacebar were toast. So at this point I am back on the desk top exploring what my options are and planning to make some phone calls tomorrow.

More news later

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