Tuesday 23 December 2008

14 years

14 years ago today my world legally changed, The change had really taken place a number of months before hand when I met my wife. Either way today is the day that we celebrate it and the day that we mark on the calender. This morning we woke up and headed out the door to run a few errands down town, and spend some time alone together. I'll share some of the details in case anyone is interested.

The morning was spent doing the real errands that need to be taken care of, after that we went out and had a nice lunch together at Montana's Cook House. We have always enjoyed the food and the service at the Polo Park location. It was also convient for the rest of the plans we had for after lunch. I had a pretty good burger, sad to say she wasn't to impressed by the food she got this time around.

From there it was off to crawl the mall. With Yule over and done our rush and sense of urgency that surrounds the season for so many people is completely gone for us. It has long been a tradition of mine to take some time and just wander the mall afterwards. I've found it puts the whole season in to perspective. The hustle and the rush of the mall when you don't have a care in the world. It slows down the world view of the holidays in my own mind. In the end we spent most of the time wandering about the book store, finding a number of interesting books that I'm excited to read.

This one day always brings me a great joy, spending time with my lovely wife and knowing that we have been through so much together and can achieve anything we put our minds too. When we first got married so many people didn't think we would last, even the orginal two people who were supposed to witness for us decided not to both since it "wouldn't last" Well we did it and we keep on doing it day in and day out.

love you my wife.

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Mama Kelly said...

Congratulations!! We hit 14 yrs in May and guess what? "They" didn't think we'd last either.

Many blessings in the years to come

Mama Kelly