Tuesday 9 September 2008

A little update

Only two scenes left until am finished the rough draft of 'Horror frost' a modern day tale of possession in the frozen north. Am excited about this and really under a massive deadline if I want to submit it. I will make it and I will get it in by the dead line. This year's NANO project is already simmering in the back of my mind I just need to find the time to do the research in advance. Because I don't want to be having to do it in November I'll need all the time I can get for writing.

A bit of a life update as well. Things are continueing along the same path we sent them down with my daughter. She is still living with us, and has been told and reminded that the option to live with us requires her following the rules of the house and by staying with us she is agreeing to follow them. Some days are better then others but I doubt anything massive will happen to change things.

Last two bits for around the house my lovely wife has for years been excited about going back to school and taking courses. She is one of those types who likes to get educated and last night was the first night of her course. Glowing is only word I could use to describe her when she came home it was a beautiful thing. In addition to that she has also started her own blog as well which can be found at so swing by comment and share the bloggy love

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