Thursday 4 September 2008

Birthday List

So my birthday is in October and I've had a few people asking me what I want. So I figured I would post a list to my blog.

- Bass Guitar
I've been playing so much Rock band as of late I want to learn to play a real instrument
- Sun Pendant
My own Sun pendant was recently broken I've felt naked without it. One of my readers pointed this one out to me and I love it.
- X Box Points
You can never have enough of these
- Honour Harrington Books
This is such a good series
- Evolution Kills T-shirt
I laugh every time I see this shirt.
- Music from the Folk Fest Store
Music is great
- Membership in the Manitoba Writer's Guild
- NANOWrimo 10 shirt

The shirt should be a minimum of XXXL but XXXXL is prefered.

I hope this helps folks..

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