Friday 16 May 2008

We have arrived at Con - Con report 1

Alright so I've gotten to the hotel and unpacked. I've taken a bit of time and given the floors a walk about checking in on the various con-suites as they set up and even visited briefly in the video room. Like every year things are going so and people are getting ready for the convention and visiting with old friends, in some cases even trying to make some new ones. Case in point was the guy in the lobby (He had the look of an Anime fan) sitting with and trying to talk with a girl who looked like she was more of a goth chick. It seemed to go fine but my unspoken advise to him would have been to look for cat-girl instead he would have had better luck with it.

You might be wondering what the hell are I'm I talking about. Anime fan, cat girl, Con? well its all jargon in the lingo of fandom. Alright so the next question you must be asking is what is fandom. just click on the link and it will tell you all you need to know about the term. That brings us to the last thing you are likely trying to figure out and that is where I am. I'm at Keycon it is the local sci-fi and fantasy convention here in my town of Winnipeg.

This is the first of several con reports that I will be posting through out the weekend. I'll even be throwing up pictures as time allows and am able to take some. Hope you enjoy the posts and we will post more next time am by the laptop.

Oh for those of you who are long time readers and remember a Thursday Thirteen from ages ago that said I had a secret well. The secret was that I was coming to the convention.

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