Thursday 15 May 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that I need to do more of

1.... Spend time outside.
I spend far to much of my day cut off from nature, at work the people
closest to the windows even keep the blinds closed.

2.... Do More Exercise
I get to the gym about three times a week on average for roughly an
hour each time. Its just not enough for the weight lose I want to do.

3.... Writing
I love writing and found I really enjoyed it during NANO, I just have to
stop letting things distract me.

4.... Ritual
Mine is a faith of doing and I find myself rarely doing more then talking
and I don't like that fact.

5.... Proofing / Editing
I hate proofing what I have wrote but I realize it has to be done. So
am always trying to avoid it and it has to stop.

6.... Mediation
This is something I have tried to do a few times over the years but it
is something I've never quiet been able to make the time for on a
regular basis.

7.... Spend more time with my Daughter
My daughter is getting older and closer to the time when she will be
moving out. There is a lot left to show her and I want to spend what
time I can with her.

8.... Working on the Podcast
This one is something new in my life but something I am excited about
working on and really looking forward too.

9.... Reading
I read a fair amount already but there are so many books on my shelf
that call out to me sitting there unread.

10.. Spending more time with my wife
She is a lovely woman who enjoy spending any time I can with so why
not spend more with her.

11.. Eat more veggies
This is traditionally the smallest portion on my plate and it should be
the biggest.

12.. Eat more salad
This one is pretty easy since for the most part I don't eat any salad.

13.. Spend more time on me

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cindy kay said...

Yes, some of those things are on my list of things to do too. Especially the first one. We have lots of big windows, and it's easy to let looking out take the place of actually GETTING out. Thanks for the reminder. Now I know there's at least one other person with the same goal! Good luck on your list!

pointing the weigh said...

Thankyou for your kind comment (((hugs)))

Ooo! I like the Thursday Thirteen!

Hugs x