Monday 12 May 2008

A new book - "What the Buddha Never Taught" by Tim Ward

So you may have noticed I've updated my book shelf having finished the "God Delusion" over the weekend. I pulled 'What the Buddha Never Taught' off the shelf. I'm only a few pages in to the book and have really enjoyed it so far. It reads a lot like a Douglas Adams book I read a number of years ago, which in my opinion is a very big plus for any author.

It is a personal story retelling the author's own experiences when he traveled through Thai land and spent a number of months living with and mediating with Wat Pah Nanachat Bung Wai 'International Forest Monastery' He has only spent his first night in the Monastery and has just been introduced to the Ajahn (The head of the Monastery) and is being taught the 8 Percepts by which he is to live.

  1. To refrain for killing. This includes not killing anything from humans right down through to insects.
  2. To refrain from taking that which is not given. Don't steal and also ask before using communal belongings.
  3. To refrain from incorrect speech. Don't lie, gossip, or even talk when it isn't required.
  4. To abstain from all erotic behaviour. Including masterbation.
  5. To refrain from Alcohol or drugs that lead to heedlessness.
  6. To refrain from taking food at improper times. The monks only eat one meal a day and that is at 8am.
  7. To refrain from singing, dancing, listening to music, watching shows wearing perfumes or beautifing products.
  8. To refrain from sleeping high beds. They have mats on the floor.

If one wants to become a novice at the monestry you must also refrain from touching gold or silver. Meaning basically not touching money.

I'll continue with the reviews as I read and share what I learn along the way. I had the chance to get a few photos and even found a website for the Monestry as well.

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