Thursday 8 May 2008

Insect Spraying Buffer Zones

Alright so summer is about a month away officially and last night was the first time I had heard a news cast mention the bane of Manitoba's summers, the Mosquito! They are a yearly problem to one degree or another depending on how dry the spring is and how wet the winter was. So basically each years brings different volumes of mosquitos, but two things are consistant and those are at some point over the summer they will spray and people will complain.

So basically here is how the buffer zone works out I decide for what ever reason I do not want to have my property sprayed when the mosquitos get bad enough. So I register with the city of Winnipeg and when the trucks do come around nothing within a 100 meters of my house can be sprayed. No one takes the time to consult the people living within that 100 meters, they just get to suffer.

Now as a Wiccan who is very pro environment this is the area I lapse in I guess. This whole system strikes me as completely unfair, why should I have to suffer just because someone else doesn't want to close there windows, or carry there puffer with them for a few days. The spraying certainly won't kill them, after all the government orders the buffers cancelled if the mosquito population levels gets to high.

If my neighbour is outside painting something or using a solvent to clean I don't have the right to stop them. Remember fumes in both of those examples are toxic and people do have allergies to them. I have friends with both Nut and Fish allergies one of them has to close the windows and turn of the AC when the guy three doors down fires up the BBQ to cook up some fish. They don't get to tell him not too. For whatever reason when it comes to mosquito spraying it's different they have ability to stop my house from being sprayed.

It is very frustrating growing up I had a serious reaction to bug spray, I would bubble and rash up in a matter of minutes. So them spraying the area was the only chance that I really had to go outside and actively enjoy it and not be spending my time playing swat the mosquito. If I had the allergy am sure others do too.

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peppylady (Dora) said...

We don't have many Mosquito around here but I'm not looking forward to those meat eating wasp.