Monday 7 April 2008

Writing Update

It's been a while since I have talked at all about my own writing and how it is going. So I decided along with the new lay out up design that I should also post a little bit of an update on that as well.

Lets start by looking at my Nano project from 2007. The writing of the first draft is about two thirds of the way done. At this point what I have done is printed out the whole project and am reading through it making little changes and edits. While am doing that I am also building up character sketches of each of the characters. It will be a great way to prevents things like hair colour from changing randomly mid story. Also it will help me to stay true to the various characters.

Once I'm done rereading and making various notes the plan is to plot out to the end of the story. Than I'll be making a complete outline that will let me finish the fairly quickly.

Time Frame:
May 15
  • Finish the reading what has already been done
  • Finish making character sketches

May 31

  • Complete plot outline for remainder of the story

July 1st

  • Finish writing the story
With the exception of other articles for The Point and my blog all other writing projects have been put on hold while I work on finishing my Nano project.

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