Sunday 6 April 2008


Well it's nearly nine in the morning my friend Dave should be here any minute and am off to go driving. Yes that's right am 32 years old and only have my Beginners. Today will be the longest single stretch of time I've spent driving. We are going to a place called Friaser River about an hour north of Winnipeg.

Well the drive was exciting and very interesting, I went fast then I'd ever go before behind the wheel. Hitting speeds of about 110 kph, of course that wasn't intentional but it still happened. We spent a bunch of time once we got out there looking at heavy machine and this guys own personal Junk Yard. The guy even had the main body of an air plane back there, although I didn't head in closer to get a better look at it and wish now that I had.

On the way back the van was handling really strangely and it kept swerving from side to side. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and by the time we got out the tire was completely flat. The next couple of hours were spent first trying to repair and then change the tire. For safety reason Dave opted to drive us home.

I can't weight to see what happens next week.

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