Wednesday 20 February 2008

Photos from the Total Lunar Eclipse

This evening was a total lunar eclipse where the earth passes directly in between the moon and the sun. It is a serious of 6 photos the first one was taken at roughly 830ish with the last few photos being taken just after 10 o'clock. All of the photos were taken from my back yard in about -30 weather.

Luna photo 1

Luna photo 2

Luna photo 3

Luna photo 4

Luna photo 5

Luna photo 6


Unknown said...

Love them :D!

And well, I guess I need to stop bitching about being cold, but hey, I am freezing ;P

(Do you think you can open the comments for any commenter?
:) )

Unknown said...

Cool shots! It was fun being out snapping away but we too were very cold -25. Brr!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you could see it. It was wonderfully warm here, but also totally cloudy. Happy I could see it here though!

James said...

Here's some video of that very night, Cliff and I.