Tuesday 19 February 2008

The Weather Channel

Now I don't know a 100% for certain, but am fairly confident that every city in the world has something like this. A channel that scrolls through the weather, giving you up to the hour weather details, a forecast for the rest of the day and long range forecast that generally goes about a week. It is a pretty basic channel that provides some handy information, the problem with it is that it is wrong. In fact am fairly confident in saying that they lie! On propose in fact.

First let me saw a little something about Winnipeg the city I live in, its cold in the winter. In fact as a general rule these past couple of years it's damn cold. So we as a people struggle through our days rushing from place to place, doing our best to spend as little time outside as possible. The only glimmer of hope we have some times is the long range for cast. Which oddly enough normally offers higher temperatures at the end of the week.

This where they lie all the time. I would say that 90% of the time the long range forecast offer us that glimmer of hope at the end of the week only to have it crushed with still lower temperatures. It is so frustrating we get our hopes up only as always to be disappointed. Come to think of it they do the same thing in the summer but in reverse. By offering higher temperatures in the cool parts of the summer, or relief from heat waves. Sometimes even clear skies, during the rainy portions of the summer.

As frustrating as it is for all of us, I've come to the conclusion that they do this for a reason, and it is done with fore thought and intent, although not malice. By telling us these lies they offer us hope for future. Hope that this nasty weather will break and that we will be able to get on with our lives. Can you imagine how it would feel to have something tell you that it is going to be -40 or worse for three or four weeks in a row? Hell if they said that I think the local suicide rate might just go up.

So to the weather channels of the world, I salute you! Keep up your lies and your half truths, your saving lives, if not the weekends.

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Unknown said...

They lie here in the summer.
They never say how hot it REALLY gets.
Oh well, we all know better ;)