Thursday 31 January 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things about Summer I long for

1.... The Heat - After a week with a wind chill of minus 40 and longer
I need things to warm up.

2.... The Sun - Ok so we see the sun in the winter, but its different almost
impotent in a sense. I want the hot blazing sun back.

3.... My Neighbors - I have amazing neighbors, but we all disappear in to
our houses come winter and rarely go out.

4.... Outside - Like my neighbors I to hide inside in hopes of staying warm
when really what I want to do is go outside.

5.... The Chewie Feast of Goodness - Three years ago I got dentures
due to really bad English teeth. Once my mouth was healed up We held
a massive BBQ with much steak and meat that was dubbed the Chewie
Feast of Goodness. It has become an annual event since then.

6.... The Festivals - Winnipeg and Manitoba has a lot of great festivals
including a couple that all of you will get to hear a lot about over the summer.
My personal favorite is the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, two weeks of theater,
improve, poetry and great shows. The second one is the Manitoba Folk
Festival a great music festival at Birds hill park.

7.... The Beach - I love to get out of the city for the afternoon and spend
the day at beach with friends.

8.... Parks - Manitoba has thousands of little parks all over the province.
I avoid them in the winter in search of warmth. They really are a lot of fun,
Maybe I'll even go Geocaching again.

9.... My Fire pit - One of the first things we did for our home is to
build a fire pit in the backyard. Its been the site of many great nights and
will be for many more.

10.. Rain - Now the only moisture that falls from the sky right now is
snow and am sick of it. I want rain that I can dance in.

11.. The Colour Green - Everything is white, or gray, or that dirty
colour that snow gets through being driven on. I want to look out my
windows and see the green field across the street and the green leaves
on the trees.

12.. A warm Breeze - The only breeze we have in the winter is the one
that makes things colder that we call wind chill.

13.. No Jackets, scarves, gloves - Every time I want to go outside
right now its Heavy Jacket, Scarf, and gloves. Then we still hope to be
warm enough and not feel the wind. In the summer I'll be wearing
shorts and t-shirt and enjoy the breeze.

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Mia said...

Oh I so miss the summer too.

Great list, happy TT!

Anonymous said...

I long for vacation. Period.

Di said...

I'm in that part of the U.S. where it never gets so cold that you forget how miserable it is when it's hovering around 100 degrees with humidity of 99%.

Anonymous said...

Chewy Feast of Goodness for the win!

What a wonderful phrase.

Happy Summer in February!

SandyCarlson said...

The thought of stripping down to one layer of clothing and being outside and relaxed in that condition is tantalizing and, well, chilling! God bless.

Amber Gilchrist said...

I always find myself feeling nostalgic about whatever season is now long gone. Sigh.