Friday 1 February 2008

Politics and Faith

So this afternoon I spent some time surfing around and commenting on the odd Thursday Thirteen that caught my interest. Then I would use the people who commented on whatever I found as the next jump off point in search of more. Along the way I came across some interesting ones, some mundane ones and some that I just don't get.

Now I realize as a person who writes a blog on a daily basis it's totally up to me what I say and what I post. Then in the end its up to the reader to decide if what they have read is worth reading and if they want to come back again. So today I read a list of 13 reasons not to vote for a presidential candidate. Now people of course lots of people are going to have lots of different opinions who to vote for, if they didn't it wouldn't be a Presidential Race. It would just be a President.

As I read through this bloggers 13 reasons I got more and more frustrated. Alright now obliviously I have different politics then the person who wrote the list. But about 4 of the reasons were not even there own reasons. For example they had scored a 0% rating from some Christian organization. I was so pissed off when I saw that one, here is a person I thought letting someone else tell them how to vote. American's fought for the right to vote, for the right to decide and here this person was throwing it away.

Then I thought back to a program I had seen on CNN a few months ago called Faith Warriors (Or something to that effect) and remember that this is getting common. The Christian church/faiths are organized, and the moving people to vote in massive blocks. To the Americans and anyone else who is reading this I have this to say, this is DANGEROUS. You are letting other people control how you vote. Think it through on your own and make your own informed decisions. I want to believe that you are all smart people, this is one of the most important things you get to decide and don't give that power to others.

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