Thursday 17 January 2008

Thursday Thirteen #6

A list of 13 things that you should not to make in to Thursday Thirteen Lists

None of this are real and are only here for the humour value

1. 13 things you can say to someone who tells you that they have found Jesus.

2. 13 tried and true ways to get away with the crime of your choice.

3. 13 sets of contact information for Ex's who were easy.

4. 13 things I wish I had never told the world about my spouse.

5. 13 passwords to the services I use

6. 13 friends that sometimes you just wish would shut up

7. 13 mistakes that you've made and are glad that the world doesn't know about.

8. 13 websites I wish I could go to at work but would likely get fired for visiting

9. 13 things I would sell on Ebay if it didn't break their terms and Conditions.

10. 13 things that people really should just keep to themselves

11. 13 things that drive me nuts about my friends and who does them.

12. 13 laws that I disagree with and break on principle.

13. Thursday thirteens whose lists I just can't stand

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