Friday 18 January 2008

Holiday Hamper

This holiday season a bunch of us worked one a couple of Hampers for some less fortunate people here in Winnipeg. Today we received a reply back from one of the families saying what a big difference it made in their lives. I wanted to share with everyone what they had to say. Its really uplifting to know that you can make a difference in someones life. I've XXX the names of the people and also the name of the company.


Good morning xxxx,

First I would like to apologize for not getting this email to you earlier; the battle with my health continues. I’m trying to stay positive (which isn’t too hard to do after such a wonderful Christmas) holding on to the knowledge that “this too shall pass”…and it will.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! J

My son xxxx, and I, would like to send a BIG ‘thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts!! J I have never received such a kind and generous gift like the hamper delivered December 21st on behalf of xxx. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and my son xxxx was speechless...he even remained that way for at least a few minutes afterward when it was just the two of us. haha xxxx has now experienced what true humanitarianism is and why it means so much, not only to those of us in need, but to society as a whole. He felt the caring and kindness, as did I, simply through seeing it in the eyes and faces of the two wonderful ladies who presented us with your special gift. We owe xxx much appreciation and gratitude for all that was done to help make our Christmas and New Year much brighter, and boy did it ever! J

I’m not sure why we were chosen to have such an amazing privilege (as I’m certain there were many families in need that didn’t get much, if anything, this Christmas), but I am sure that my son and I will NEVER forget the generosity shown to us by xxx. For every item of food my son and I put away, he reflected on the needs of others elsewhere, knowing another family was not so lucky this Christmas…though still feeling blessed that we were. Once the groceries were put away, he asked if we could help to make a hamper next Christmas for someone who might need one…there were tears in my eyes; I was proud of him, yet a little sad at the same time (not knowing what the future holds) replying with, “xxxx honey, if I’m working and we can afford to, we’ll for sure do a hamper!”. So that’s our goal for next Christmas (if possible), and I’m quite sure my kiddo won’t let me forget it!! J

xxxx wrote his own little note and wanted me to send it along with this email:

I want to thank you for taking the time to prepare the Christmas hamper you sent, it made my Christmas a lot brighter. I would also like to say that I was so excited when I opened the Halo 3, Xbox 360 game! J The books I haven’t started to read yet, but I will be soon because I’ve beat the Halo 3 game already, but it’s still fun. J My pajamas are really cozy too and I didn’t even know I liked pajamas! J The hamper that xxx did for me and my mom lifted my spirits, thank you for everything.

I wasn’t sure if xxxx and I should have opened the wrapped gifts when you were here? If we were supposed to, I feel a little silly about it now. J I was just so shocked and lost for words; I really could not believe my eyes! xxx and their Christmas elves truly made this Christmas a very blessed and special one, for me and my son. I can’t possibly thank you all enough for such a wonderful gift! *hugs*

Many blessings, hugs, and all the very best in 2008!

Thexxxxxxx family

PS. I have attached a couple pictures from Christmas day; we opened our gifts at my parent’s place. Please note the BIG smile on xxxx’s face after opening the game he really REALLY wanted (thanks to XXX and the delivery Elves, his Christmas wish was answered)!! J There was only one picture taken of the two of us, but it ended up being too blurry to send (sorry)….I was holding up my new pajamas, the beautiful aroma therapy bath set, AND Tetris (which was actually my favourite video game when I was growing up, so that was pretty neat)!! J Thank you once more MTS, from the bottom of our hearts, we could not have asked for a better Christmas. *hugs*

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