Wednesday 2 January 2008

Long day Blah

So I think I’ve mentioned before that I work in a call centre, for a large Canadian Telecommunication company do customer service. It’s a pretty straight forward job and it pays fairly well also, so I don’t mind the dull nature of the job. Also it normally gives me a great opportunity to write, surf the web, and read. The down side is that once a week we have what I have dubbed Rex Manning day, bonus points to people who get the reference. Its the day where they randomly record calls and the keystrokes on my computer. So basically it shuts down any side projects and makes the day just drag.

I did get the chance today to start reading through and marking up my copy of First Draft in 30 days. Its looking alright, and am looking forward to seeing how it flows for the “Man with the voice” story. After spending some time doing house work tonight, I’m going to get down to business and get some writing done.

As I work through the book I’ll be posting my thoughts and some of my notes along the way to share with everyone here.

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