Friday 31 July 2015

By Pass Update: Day 8

So it has been a 8 days since I had the surgery.  All things considered I'm doing pretty good and feeling pretty good.  Each of the incisions, but 1, have started to develop some wonderfully colourful bruises.  The one that hasn't bruise up is healing amazingly well.  The second worst bruise of the lot wasn't part of the operation but from the bloody Heperin shot I received the next day.

Next lets look at food.  Things have changed a little bit since I last posted.  Don't worry, Jell-O is still my best friend.  Now with that out of the way I have gotten to try a few new things as well.  I absolutely loved the Mango Hurricane Booster Juice,  with it I had a protein booster. That was a big help with my daily protein. It was so nice and smooth going down too.  The one rule I did break was I used a straw.  They say that you are not supposed to use straws because it introduces to much air into the stomach.  I didn't really have any problem with it.

The next day tamile made bison burgers for herself and pureed about 2 or 3 oz of one of them along with a bit of beef broth. I can't begin to describe just how good this tasted.  It was pretty much the first amount of meet I had eaten in some time.  I was tempted to add some ketchup or maybe even some relish but I decided against it.  I wasn't sure how the ketchup my cause it to clump up in my stomach.  As for the relish I don't really have a reason why I didn't bother with that I just didn't.

More news as it happens.

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