Tuesday 12 May 2015

Second follow up

So this morning I received a call from the receptionist connected office that is handling prep leading up to my hope for bypass surgery.   Originally they had scheduled my second follow up appointment for tomorrow afternoon for 1 o'clock.  The first words out of her mouth was that they had to reschedule.  Honestly in that second I think my heart dropped.  Thankfully she offered me 2 options another appointment in 4 weeks time, or a slot tomorrow at 1015 am.  So without even talking to my boss, I just took the morning appointment and figured I would either work it out with or take the day off.

Anyways the day is sorted out and now my appointment is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  My understanding of it is that at tomorrow's appointment is the final one.  I will either be accepted to the program or not. I've done what I've been asked, there hasn't been a lot of weight lost since I started but I've made a lot of changes.  Anyways fingers are crossed, I just hope I actually find out tomorrow rather then having to wait several weeks to hear back.

If I'm not accepted I've been told that there is always the possibility of being given another chance.  Apparently the odds of that are very slim.

I'll let you know how it goes when I do.

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