Sunday 19 April 2015

A Game thing on fetlife

Talista was kind enough to give me the number 21
It’s a game!

To keep the game going, if you hit "love", I'll give you a number (between 1 and 50) and you then have to write that number of facts about yourself. Comment all you like, but if you "love" it, you get a number. I was given 21 by Talista

Here's my go at this:

1) I've been married over 20 years, and have had a girlfriend for 5 years
2) I am struggling a lot with my weight, which has been bouncing around 400 pounds for several years.
3) I've traveled a lot: Hawaii (12 months of my life), England, Cruise, Blackhills, North & South Dakota (A lot), Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconson, all of Western Canada, Toronto, California, Florida.  I hope to keep traveling as the opportunity presents itself.
4) My all time favorite movie is Oscar staring Sylvestor Stallion.
5) I didn't graduate High School until I turned 25
6) I have two daughters that I love very much, and four grandchild(9, 2, 2, 8 months) One made me a grandfather before I was 30.
7) I identify as bisexual but have very limited experience with other men.
8) I love games of all sorts, Board game, Card Games, video games.  I've even designed several games, and even published one.
9) When I first started out the BDSM commmunity I was terrified by most of the stuff going on around me.
10) I've been blogging on and off since before November 2007 and have kept them same blog since that day.
11) Only once in my life have I fired a gun and it was a really exciting experience that I hope to try again.
12) I like to organize, I believe that community benefits from strong active groups.
13) Despite all the traveling I've done (see #3) the most memorable trip of my live was my 7 day whirlwind Little House on the Prairies Road trip I made with tamile.
14) I'm a cat person, but I don't mind dogs.
15) I've had everything from a really long mullet to a completely shaved head, I've had it spiked in an 8 inch mohawk that was dyed the colours of the British flag, and I've dyed it a golden blonde.
16) I've done the Colour Me Rad Run twice, and this year I intend to run it and not just walk most of it.  I love the feeling I get when I go out to start running.
17) The first several times I proposed to tamile she laughed in my face.
18) I enjoy vacuuming.
19) I have very little to do with my blood family
20) I love to cook and bake but don't feel like I am very good at it.  Also when I do I need a reciepe
21) By the end of the year I will have attended 8 different science fiction / gaming conventions.

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