Thursday 31 May 2012

I Surprised Myself

Well I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve made a rash decision that is going to affect my entire month of June.  Thankfully I don’t regret this decision for a moment and in fact I’m looking forward to the next month now more than I have been in months.  All because I’ve gone and signed up for Camp Nanowrimo.

So I’d heard about this thing on twitter from a friend @rhondaparrish  she’d mentioned it and was wondering if anyone else was going to do it.  At the time I’d never even heard of it. When I looked into the site it seemed like just the thing I needed to some focus and drive back in my writing.  So of course I promptly forgot all about it, which is the way things seem to go in my life.  This afternoon it thankfully popped into my head so I rushed back to the site and signed up.

Now here is the plan. I have two projects I want to work on.  One of them is an Adventure for Epic d6 and the other one is a piece of erotic alternative history.  Yes, I know you are only supposed to work on one project during these things but the adventure is a project I’ve already started and the deadline for it was May 1st.  Since I’m a little behind I’ll have to make up the time with extra work in June. 

Finally the reality of this summer being what it is it looks like Camp Nanowrimo might well be the only camping I get to do this year.  So I’m going to follow another of Rhonda’sideas and try to really embrace the Camp theme. Like her my walks are going to become hikes, as an added benifit there are some trails close by that I can use. I'll try and write outside when I can and the weather permits.  Assuming I can keep up on my word count I may even spend some time sitting around the fire.  It all sounds like an ambitous plan, but we will do what we can to make it happen.

Here are the synopses for the two projects.

Carrying a Torch:
In ancient Greece entire tribes of shape shifters have been put to the sword, their woman and children killed out fear, and whole villages left to burn.  It was the fear of something different and unknown that drove the governments to these acts of genocide. Now years later most people have forgotten or put it out of their minds.  By some it was viewed as a dark time in their histories, to others a horrible mistake. Now the few remain shifters trust no one as they struggle to survive.  Despite that it is a time of celebration in Greece it is time for the Olympics.  Two shifters for different tribes have gotten into the games. Both with dreams of using the prize monies to help rebuild what’s left of their tribe.  They never thought for a moment they would also be competing for the love of a local priestess.

During the last leg of cruise, the Wave Horizon drops anchor to give the passengers a once in a life time opportunity, swim and play in the middle of the ocean.  But the spot wasn’t chosen at random, things are at work on board the ship.  As the last group of passenger frolics in the waves jelly fish from the depths come up and begin attacking passengers. Hours later you are among the last survivors of the Wave Horizon, and possibly the only people who can stop this infested ship from reaching the main land.
Using the new Epic D6 system from Final Sword Productions you will have to battle the infected and put together a plan to stop the ship anyway you can.

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