Monday 14 May 2012

Hey, long time no see

Well it is time to get this whole blog thing going again. It going to be a repository of all things I enjoy and that are affecting my life. That’s could include projects I'm working on (mostly writing and game design), games I'm playing, events I attend, and pretty much anything else that catches my fancy.  You can be certain that you will see a lot of things about writing, role-playing games, board games, my struggle with weight loss and maybe a bit about spirituality and polyamory.

No promises about the regularity of posts, I went done that route once and failed miserably. This time around I’ll be doing my best to keep this place active.  The best way to encourage me to post is to comment.  If you see something that is interesting in here let me know and I’ll be that much more likely to write more.

Anyways, I’ve got to get back to other projects right now so I’ll post more later.

1 comment:

Isabella LeCour said...

Welcome back! It's been a while for me too. I took a long break. I'm looking forward to reading your new posts.