Wednesday 17 February 2010


Earlier today I said I would post something tonight about current projects so here goes.

Regular blogging - This one is hit or miss but I'm working on it.

Question's of Faith - This one is gradually coming back from the editor. Which I'm grateful for the slower pace since it letsme work on other projects at the same time.

Risen Steam - this is my steam punk zombie story. The first draft is half finished at this point, but will have to under go some serious edits.

Erotica - I have two different erotica stories on the go. One of which will be finished by the end of the olympics. It was my self imposed deadline, thankfully it is also fully outlined.

Read Off Story - At Keycon, Winnipeg's Sci-fi convention, my wife and host the Read Off. Where author write a short story focused on a specific theme and have five minutes to read it. This year the theme is First Encounters and you can find more details on the keycon forums.

Question of the Week - which have been posted at The Modern Pagan are on hold for now. I've noticed that the site is really slowing down and mine had been the only post for a couple weeks. So until iknow what happened to the site I won't be posting.

The Magical Earth - This is a podcat I do withmy wife and two friends. We've worked up a good schedule and system for recording which is working really well. Stop by our site

Last but not least is a project I really want to talk about but can't let myself yet. I share the details as soon as I can so don't bother to e-mail and ask.

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Anonymous said...

I was beginning to think that I was the only one who had more than one writing project going at a time. I'm not sure which is more productive: doing one at a time or toggling between numerous projects.

It seemed to work for Leonardo da Vinci.