Friday 5 February 2010

March Method - The Plan

Timing -

Alright so I've been looking at my schedule and being trying to figure out what works best for my life and what time sot is the best fit. As a general rule I tend to go to bed during the week sometime between 11 and 12. The one thing that I can consistantly control is the time I go bed. I'd rather look at writing in the morning but there just isn't enough time between getting up and going to work on a regular basis. So the first part of my method is to set aside a set time each day so for me that time will be between 10 and 11. With only the exception of a couple nights this time will work great for me. On those nights I'll be able to get in that hour of writing afterwards.

The Project -

I'm really torn on this aspect, there are a couple of projects I really want to have the roughs done by May. I've also just gotten back a project from the editor and that needs to be gone over realtively quickly as well. The sooner it is done the soon I can get it in to the hands of some beta readers. So there are at least four projects to decide from for the month of March. The plan is to take one of them and make it the sole focus of the March Method. Considering that two of them have that May deadline I'm going to focus my effort on Driving for a Change a erotica story that should top out around 20k. After that I'll switch my focus back to Risen Steam. Both project should keep me happily busy for March and beyond. I can easily twitter and blog my word count updates before heading to bed or first thing in the morning to keep people informed.

Anyone else figured out their schedule yet?

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