Saturday 23 January 2010

A strange and scary yet oddly exciting day

Time for one of those strangely personal blog posts about what's happening in my life. You might recall if you've been reading my blog for any length of time that I had a lot of problems with my youngest daughter. Well back in September she reached the deadline and had to move out. We were not going to enable her any longer no job, not in school. It was time that she had a taste of the real world. So she moved out and stayed with a friend while she kept looking for work and a place of her own.

Our phone number was still being used as the contact number for resumes. Every so often we'd get a call requesting an interview, so we knew she was still looking. We didn't see her all that often during this period but when we did things were alright. Over the past month or so things have gotten better in this respect and we've enjoy a few dinners and over night visits. So the big scary news is that earlier this week she found herself a place in a rooming house.

This afternoon she is coming over, and along with the help of her sister and us. We are transporting her stuff to her new place and she will now be living on her own and making her own way in the world. I have no doubt there will be as much support as we can possibly give but it is still pretty different knowing that when she falls asleep each night there won't be someone else there with her to help her if she should need it.

Fingers crossed, candles lit, and my the God and Goddess watch over her in all their forms.

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mxtodis123 said...

I went through that with my youngest son, and although I know girls are different, a mother is a mother and I am sure there were times when you questioned your decision. My son, like your daughter, refused to work, dropped of school, hung out at night and slept all day when everyone was working. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Eventually I used tough love and put him out. For the longest he went from one friend's house to the next, but eventually settled down. Today he has his own apartment, a good job, bank account, and even cooks. So, there are happy endings.