Tuesday 1 December 2009

The Dark God - Repost

A repost from December 27th, 2008

For me Yule is all about the return of the Sun God and the celebration of the season with friends and family. Each year I gather with them to feast, to talk, to eat, to light the Yule log and bring in Peace, Love and Wealth back along with the returning God. We all have a great time and are left with many good memories. In fact looking back over the past 15 years that we've hosted them I have not but happy memories of the return of the Sun God.

What I've described matches the descriptions in the books, it matches the majority of the details you often find on website talking about Yule. In fact it is pretty accurate for all the seasonal Rituals I've been apart of as well. The Light has returned, what do we leave in the dark? What do we bring in to the light?

What of the other side of the coin, what of the dark lord who has ruled over the sky for the past two months. So many of us just look to the light side of the Yuletide holidays. Are we missing out on something important in this Holiday? Should we instead turn our attention to the Darkness and look at how that has servered us over the past couple of months

I've posted this to get myself thinking, and to get others thinking about a different side of the holiday. I've also set this blog post to repost itself on December 1st 2009

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