Tuesday 24 November 2009

Nano update & Kiss Kiss

So I had today off as a personal leave day from work, Basically it is a day off with pay for no readily apparent reason. I don't really understand the point but I don't mind the day off and I do work an extra 8 minutes each day to take it. Far be it from me to not enjoy the day off.

I had some weird on again off again computer problems. Well not so much computer problems as I did internet connection problems. So as you can guess it should have been a day of kick as writing and getting a ton done. Well In part it was, I'm sitting at 41k for the month and have plenty of writing time left to finish the 50k. Based on the point I'm at in the story I figure I'm maybe about a quarter of the way through it. As with any Nano project when I'm done it is going to take some serious slashing.

I sometimes wonder about the value of NANOWrimo from a writing point of view. We do so much to focus on word pading and putting things in just for the sake of building up the word count. Which isn't something I consider to be all that valueable. Putting words just for the sake of word count just means that you are going to have to put effort into typing them just for the sake of putting more effort in at the end of the month or project to take them out. The reality is that I guess most people after November never even look at it.


So an odd aside with all the talk of virus and N1H1 and what not it might just mean the return of the cheek kiss greeting. Apparently it is more hygenic to kiss someone on the cheek then it is to shake someones hand. Go figure, Will people be expected to use the alchol hand sanitizer crap on their face now?

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