Wednesday 21 October 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Nano Tips



1. You can't succeed if you don't try. So sign up at

2. It is both a race and a marathon.

3. You have nine days to prepare at this point so it is time to get to work there is a lot to do.

4. When it is time for NANO there isn't a lot of time for anything that does further the novel might have to be delayed until December

5. Household choirs - These are one of those things that might need to wait until December, so try and get a head of them now before it is to late

6. Social engagements - These are a lot like house hold choirs push them off to December. If you can't pretend to have some catchy illness, this also works well when dealing with work.

7. Food - Stock a lot of your favourite snacks and pre-make meals if you can for the month

8. Check all your computer equipment. Losing everything at the last minute would suck and with a little bit of caution it shouldn't happen. Despite all the warnings you hear stores of it every year.

9. Distractions - We all have things that we use to distract us. You might want to put them away or hand them off to a friend to keep them out of the way.

10. Have extra paper, pencils, pens even if you are writing on a computer this is still important.

11. Buy a USB Key. Store your work on it and take it with you everywhere.

12. As much work as NANO can be it is also a huge amount of fun too.

13. Tell people what your do and that you won't see them much for the next month. If they know in advance it is one less thing to deal with in November

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Journeywoman said...

Good luck.

I think you meant household chores--unless you are lucky and actually HAVE household choir!

Tracie Nall said...

Great list! I am not doing NaNoWriMo, because I don't have a novel living inside of me (even though I wish I did) but I am excited for all of y'all who do!! Good Luck and Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously thinking I might do it officially this year.

Mia Celeste said...

I enjoy NaNoWriMo. See you there. These are good tips.

Melissa Lea said...

These are great ideas. Unfortunately I cannot participate this year, but I wish you the best!